Basic Juneau

Basic Juneau


I crocheted this hat with one of the rarest natural fibres in the world named Quiviut and by using it together with a pallette yarn I gave the hat the ultimate Madrista touch.

This hat is unique. It is made from 100% Musk Ox wool and it is worthy of your admiration!
One of a kind.



Madrista Team.

Meet Maddie one of our lovely models who is Boris girlfriend and mother of 3. A hard working and sporty mum who loves nature and her family and she allways makes time for Madrista pictures :-).

This hat is unique. It is made from 100% Musk Ox wool and it is worthy of your admiration.
The undercoat of the Musk Ox, also called Qiviut, is known as one of the finest and rarest natural fibres.

Musk Ox wool is very light and eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. In addition, it is softer, more elastic and airier than cashmere. “Qiviut” means “fluff” and refers to the exceptionally soft inner fur of the Musk Ox. This wool protects the animals during storms and the very low temperatures of the Arctic. For this very reason, the people in Alaska began to domesticate Musk Oxen. Today the animals are raised on farms, in Alaska, and their undercoat is hand combed, not sheared, to produce this high-quality yarn.

This really feels like heaven.


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