Scarf Cuadro

Scarf Cuadro


Scarf Cuadro is crocheted with 100 % merino and it has a chunky nice smooth texture and semi-solid colors.
This yarn is hand dyed.

One of a kind.


Photo by Organis Tales & sponsored by Dohne Merino

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Team Madrista

Meet Merle our wild one ;-). She is a social worker who works with problem children. In her spare time she lives life to the fullest.

Scarf Cuadro is crocheted with one of my favorite merino yarns from an Uruguayan farm that allows their free – range sheep through the hills and are herded by actual old – style shepherds.
The controversial practice of mulesing does not exist in Uruguay.
I always ensure that my yarns come from the best suppliers available all around the world.

This scarf  has a chunky nice smooth texture and semi-solid colors.
It is also self-cleaning because the fibers contain lanolin. Lanolin is a natural substance and naturally has antibacterial properties


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