Scarf Oxido


Scarf Oxido

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I knitted this scarf with 100% merino and what I love most about this scarf is its softness. This is the scarf to turn to when you want the ultimate in warmth.

I knitted this scarf with passion & care and it is one of a kind.



Merino photo by Organic Tales and sponsored by Dohnemerino




Madrista Team

Meet Jean who is actually Madrista Photographer but this man is really a GENIUS in everything he does.
That’s also why he became an international recognised scientist, and above all his heart is in the right place.

I knitted this Rockid men scarf with one of my favorite merino yarns from an Uruguayan farm that allows their free – range sheep through the hills and are herded by actual old – style shepherds.
The controversial practice of mulesing does not exist in Uruguay.
I always ensure that my yarns come from the best suppliers available all around the world.

This scarf is unbelievably squishy. This is the scarf to turn to when you want the ultimate in warmth.
It is also self-cleaning because the fibers contain lanolin. Lanolin is a natural substance and naturally has antibacterial properties


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