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Madrista is colorful, sweet, playful, romantic and cool.
Engaged with its products and its Spanish roots, Madrista comes with an unique and warm proposition within an own recognisable style.
Cheerful wool with flowers and vibrant hand-dyed-yarns- that is what Madrista loves the most!
The origin of the material in combination with unique processing sparks Madrista to life and creates a one-of -a-kind look! Madrista looks always for the finest yarns from mulesing free farms all over the world.
You can wear Madrista knits with confidence and pride.
100% Passion, top quality, 100% handmade - that is Madrista

Super Cozy

Merino knits

A Merino accessory is always an investment piece!
The most beautiful merino wool comes from sheep that hop around freely and happily in the mountains and are cared for with love and attention. And that's priceless!
Merino wool is recognized worldwide for its softness, strength, breathability and temperature-regulating benefits. In addition, merino wool is also 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. You can also judge whether merino is expensive on the basis of its lifespan. A lovingly maintained Madrista piece made of merino will last for years – on average 5 times longer than other wools. The more often you wear it, the lower the cost per wear
The 100% merino knits from Madrista usually have a slightly tougher look & feel!

Pure luxury

Alpaca knits

If you want to wrap yourself in pure LUXURY, choose Madrista's alpaca knits.
Alpaca wool is a hollow fiber that has an exceptional thermal insulation capacity that is 7 times higher than sheep wool! It is considered the best wool quality available, even better than cashmere and mohair. It was already used for the clothing of kings and queens before the Inca era. The wool is hypoallergenic because it naturally - as the only type of wool - does not contain lanolin. And these are the reasons why even the most sensitive skin can tolerate the material well. Because it does not contain lanolin, it is easier to work with and fewer chemicals are needed to dye it. As you can probably guess, that is better for the environment. . Moreover, Madrista's alpaca knits are beautiful to look at: chic & unique with a cool edge.



Steeped in history, forever in tune with a changing world, mohair fibre exemplifies the everlasting appeal of beauty and quality. The distinctive properties of mohair have made it a highly desired fibre through the centuries. Its soft, luxurious handle and rich lustre combine with great durability for enduring beauty. With its affinity for dyes, mohair reproduces colours that have an unmatched clarity and a halo-like glow. Fabrics of lively, smooth mohair don’t crush, mat or pill; dust and dirt are easily shaken or brushed off; bacteria and thence smells cannot become trapped in the smooth scales.

Next to Madrista's handmade barets you can shop the beautiful mohair scarves & blankets from Mantas de Ezcaray.
The amazing colors and softness will steel your heart!



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