luxury yarns

    • Basic Juneau


      I crocheted this hat with one of the rarest natural fibres in the world named Quiviut and by using it together with a pallette yarn I gave the hat the ultimate Madrista touch.

      This hat is unique. It is made from 100% Musk Ox wool and it is worthy of your admiration!
      One of a kind.


    • Black Beauty


      I crocheted this beanie with 100 % natural Alpaca.  Alpacas have the widest range of natural colors in the world, including pure black. This black alpaca supports the Andean communities in the breeding of alpacas with pure black fibre in an effort to re-establish this population, called the Yanapaco (black alpaca) program, part of the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca network.

      Size 56 – 58

    • Lavender


      This fantastic natural yarn of 100% yak wool is particularly fine and soft. This wool comes from a small yak farm. It is won from the fine undercoat of yak (also called Tibetan Ox). The animal is combed and the combed fibres are spun subsequently into the yarn. This wool can be compared with cashmere because it is very light, soft and warm.

      Size 56 – 58

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